Lady Gaga

Saudades’ Edge of Glory
Born July 3, 2011
GCH Almanza Intermezzo x CH Saudades’ Caipirinha de Cacha



Our little sprite, Espanha / Spain / Gaga, is a drip of a drop of my Bells and the pick girl of the E litter.  There was no doubt in her mind that she was staying here with me. vbg  Bright, biddable, balanced and bold are all fitting adjectives to describe this sweet girl.  She loves to run, swim, retrieve, chase and play and can hold her own with the boys, but becomes a pat of butter in your arms, where she just cuddles and nuzzles and makes soft, groany sounds like her grandpa Penderrin.  Her name actually comes from her mother’s nickname, Pinga-ga,  but in the hopes of her being a rock star, we decided that she should have a namesake to live up to!

Gaga is the dam of the I Litter and we are seeing her sweet personality come shining through. She has retired to the Chicago suburbs to keep David’s parents on their toes.  We miss her here at home but know that she adores having two people all to herself and we will get to see her again on family vacations.  

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