Kentarah Baran

Purebred Siberian, red tabby-white

CFA Reg# 3792-1652587

Born March 30, 2008 - September 23, 2013

Our first cat we ever paid for and boy, did he know it! Sapo, Portuguese for “toad”, was a typical feline in every way. He decided that our eldest son, Ian, was his person and tolerated the rest of the us fairly well. Sad to say, he arrived as a Father’s Day gift for David. His preference in dogs were always Julia and Casino, the oldest of the pack. He was quick to put the youngsters in their place.

Sapo was independent and fascinated with the outdoors. This obsession with everything outside of the house actually caused his early demise. He got out of the house in the Spring and despite us calling with food and many sightings of him, he wanted no part of coming back in the house. Living on 26 acres, with over 100 acres of green space behind us, made it incredibly hard to find him. He finally appeared 4 mos. later, under weight, anemic, matted to the skin and absolutely covered in fox tails. We triedeverything we could to nurse him back to health but he had somehow become paralyzed in his rear legs and was unable to walk after 6 weeks of treatment and physical therapy. It was with very sad hearts that we all came to accept that there was noquality of life for him in a crate and that he was not going to bounce back to being our beloved kitty any more. He left us way too soon and we all still miss him, especially Ian, who cared for him round the clock for six weeks straight, never giving up hope that he could improve.

We were honored to be graced with his presence!

Keli Martin 2018